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Among the brick and cement houses of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, lies the slum of Boeung Trabek, where waste collection is the priority. An assembly of houses made of wood and sheet metal, where the intervention of Ermine Norodom, a brilliant French woman with a background in the fashion world and now dedicated to community engagement in Cambodia, takes place. Her work extends through donations and improving the lives of people living within the slum.


While degradation and a lack of positivity are common aspects of slums, the same cannot be said for Shanty Town: happiness is a part of every person's life within the slum. It's an invitation not to give up in the face of adversity but to find meaning in one's life, redeeming oneself by finding work or simply showing interest in a foreign language during educational programs, which are becoming increasingly rare within slums.


Rehabilitating a slum to encourage poor families and children to improve the quality of their lives has been Ermine's objective for over 8 years.

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