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16 JUNE 2017

l'Arteficio Showroom Turin, Italy

Around in my places  It's the perspective of the reality in which I live, where I grew up, of the places that welcomed me this year and where I found myself.


It's a collection of postcards, a photo diary where there's no logic or pattern.


I used the camera as a means to tell my days, my world seen through a lens, what struck me or the situations I found myself in.


Like a pen for a writer, I used this tool to convey something, narrate a moment, or simply capture a fleeting instant in an image.


It's a mix of photographic styles; I didn't follow a single line, allowing myself to vary the way I narrate depending on the moment and the situation itself.


This exhibition speaks about me, about my way of seeing the world around me. Almost every day, I found myself with the camera around my neck; sometimes, I ended up taking hundreds of photos in a few hours, other times, not even one in several days.


This year, my camera has been much more than a companion; it has been the means to project my reality, my being, and above all, my moods.


Inside this exhibition, you will find a series of photographs printed in black and white, a style to which I have devoted much attention lately, except for one color photo, to break and distinguish it from everything else. This choice reflects the fact that I didn't adhere to a single photography style; I preferred not to use only one type of color (black and white and color, precisely), just as I didn't choose to set up solely with prints but added a projection element.


Within this setup, you won't find well-structured and clean photographs but rather dirtier and more direct photos to give greater emphasis to the essence of the subject.


So, enjoy "Around in my Places" and lose yourselves, because believe me, it's the only way to find yourselves.

"This exhibition speaks about me, about my way of seeing the world around me..."

l'arteficio - showroom

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