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Born and raised in Turin, after several attempts to find something to hold onto, in 2009 I stumble upon photography by chance. It's love at first sight, and compared to everything else, I can no longer do without it.


After a few years in the fashion and commercial field, I come across photographers like James Nachtwey, Eugene Smith, Duane Michaels, and Robert Frank, and I understand that photography is no longer just an image frozen in time, but a powerful means to tell the world.


Like a writer with his pen, I find in the camera a bridge to communicate, and I decide to tell the world from my point of view.


I always have the grass growing under my feet and I can never stand still. I have the same enthusiasm as a child discovering what surrounds him, and in 2014, with my partner, I leave my ordinary life behind and immerse myself in the world, heading east.

I'm interested in stories, the forgotten ones, the unconventional ones, the rejects, the last ones, and the anti-socials. I deeply love to know everything that doesn't belong to "My world." I use the camera to create a connection, to break down the barriers that we often put up.


I delve into cultures to capture every tiny detail, and my preferred subjects are people. I try to imprint their stories without giving too much weight to rules.


Each photograph is a memory of an adventure, a moment, a snapshot of life, and through them, I can savor the essence again as if hitting the rewind button.




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