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In a bamboo shed, nestled within the dense vegetation surrounding the outskirts of Siem Reap, lies the Sak Yant Tattoo Federation.


Their tradition, passed down from generation to generation, is learned with the intention of communicating to the world. These tattoos, in the Khmer language (the Cambodian language), are said to protect against misfortune and instill enchantment, love, calmness, peace, strength, and courage.


An art rooted for hundreds of years, it originated from China, with influences from Hinduism and Buddhism. Indeed, getting tattooed involves a serious spiritual commitment. The tradition entails not only a period of life teachings from the master but also adherence to the five Buddhist precepts: not to kill, steal, lie, intoxicate the mind, and use sexual energy to harm others. Only then will the tattoo become saturated with power.


An act that encompasses whispers of words, auspicious chants, showers of flowers, and energy surges so strong they send shivers down your spine.

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