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A journey into the extreme lands of the North, traversing steppe, taiga, and snow-capped mountains to explore the bond that unites one of the last tribes of the Tsaatan-Dukha with its shamans, men and women closely connected to nature.


The Dukha are the last group of nomadic reindeer herders living in the Scandinavian Peninsula in yurts, the circular dwellings typical of Central Asia. Their greatest strength lies in their unity as one large family. Strong unity, incredible energy, and emotions like happiness and joy never fade from their faces.


With migrations to new sacred forests, they come into contact with the spirits of their ancestors through song and dance; the only ones who can bridge this connection are the shamans who wield their healing powers only on the seventh and ninth days of the full moon, following the three principles that bind them to nature.


Everyone knows them and everyone respects them, and passing down their beliefs is the only way they have to keep their tradition alive.

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