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How many times have we, on the street, while traveling, in our city or elsewhere, in a simple daily moment, met someone and directly or indirectly applied labels to them based solely on their skin color, the clothes they wear, or their face? Every time we do this, mechanisms are activated in our minds that give rise to sensations like fear or love. Often, we don't look beyond what we see, and those labels will stick to that person forever. Every day, based on our ideas and thoughts, we unconsciously judge hundreds of people, and in most cases, the idea we have formed about them is wrong. If we tried to eliminate barriers and mental conceptions by going beyond, pushing ourselves to get to know a person and not just stopping at the first step, we would realize how many magnificent encounters we could have daily. Words would change, and there would be much less hatred.


"No Identity" is a journey through the daily lives of different cultures, it is a photographic project that highlights the essence without revealing identity. The people we have photographed or will photograph along our journey are not strangers; they are individuals with whom we have shared moments, with whom we have formed a bond, and with whom we have learned not to stop based on our false ideas at first glance.

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