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Japan is an incredible country: it has character, and its millennia-old tradition oozes from every single temple, every single house, and every single bow from unknown individuals.


By day, it's silent. You breathe it in deeply in its fragrant avenues rich with Sakura, which only in their explosion manage to enchant you and give you a unique peace. It's lively, it never stops, but it does so quietly, with respect, almost as if not to disturb the equilibrium that has been created and perpetuated, generation after generation.


And then what happens? At night, it lights up, and the silence gives way to chaos, strobe lights, laughter, booming music. High-speed trains rush from one country to another, catapulting you from one reality to another, and everything intoxicates you. There's an unmistakable combination of progress and tradition where the only thing you can do is dive in to savor every side, every nuance.


"Exploring Japan is like stepping into a vibrant dream from which you never want to wake up."

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