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Iceland, the unexpected. A vibrant island, intense with ice and fire, folklore, and spirits that animate nature, this wonder that makes you feel its power in every way. Everything is alive: you feel it from the earth that steams and warms you, from the wind that blows abundantly almost to make you fly away. The towering mountains that create a perfect silhouette and these endless roads that at every turn offer you a unique snapshot that you will hardly forget.


And then there's her, the queen of the sky, she who dances at night: the northern lights that explode and change shape continuously in winter. A supernatural charm, difficult to describe except through the emotions that run over your skin and radiate you with its majestic colors: from purple to green.


The boundary line between sky and earth seems to disappear, creating a perfect bubble in which something has changed irrevocably. A land that seems inhospitable but that gives you the opportunity to take it in the right direction, allowing yourself to completely let go of the flow of events. 


Because traveling in Iceland and living there daily leads you to travel into the depths of your soul, it puts you to the test, it leads you to interface with isolation, with extremes, with contradictions. It takes you back to Norse fairy tales where anything is possible, and to understand it, all you have to do is stop, observe the surrounding environment, and enjoy it.

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