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This is the story of our two-year experience working seasonally in kiwi fields in New Zealand. It was a sensory as well as physical experience that taught us so much and allowed us to understand how we belong to the land and not the other way around.


It's a bit like how our ancestors would sink their hands into the earth; through their sacrifice and sweat, they rediscovered a carefree spirit, and it's in moments like those that we rediscovered ourselves, like timid and newly sprouted roots seeking deeper introspection.


Over these two years, we had the opportunity to follow the entire kiwi plant cycle, from seedlings in the greenhouse to pruning to initiate a new fruiting cycle. It's a tough but carefree lifestyle where mental lightness allows you to take an interest in something you had never considered before.


The whole experience was enriched by the incredible multicultural knowledge we encountered, forming deeper friendships with individuals who shared our wavelength both in character and humanity.

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