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This is a long-term project that began in 2017 in Vietnam.


Seeing the conditions in which animals were kept and the meat itself along the streets of Asian cities and within markets, I felt compelled to document it all, thus giving birth to this project.


Our Western mindset is accustomed to seeing meat perfectly packaged in supermarkets, in the neat displays of butcher shops, or worse yet, cooked directly into sandwiches or arranged in perfectly curated dishes. Our sight, and consequently our consciousness, become clouded in this way.


We forget the process involved in obtaining steaks, hamburgers, or fish sticks. Somehow, it's as if all of this remains hidden within farms or slaughterhouses.


However, in some parts of the world, everything has remained as it once was, and all of this can be observed in broad daylight, on main streets or in various local markets.


The initial reflex of the mind upon seeing all this might be to judge; through this work, however, I aim to be non-judgmental. I want to be raw and unfiltered, showing the everyday reality of "Fresh Meat."

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